Barnabás Bácsi is an intermedia artist.


Crypto Miners' Union

This flag aims to represent a yet-fictive workers' union of cryptocurrency miners, a new working class at the bottom of the pyramid of the crypto world. Mining is the power-hungry process of adding transaction records to blockchain networks (e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum). In return for their computing power - if their computer succeeds in solving the riddle -, miners are rewarded crypto coins.

On the flag the usual symbolic miner tools (pickaxes, hammers, shovels) got replaced with a computer graphics card (GPU), the power of which is required during the process of crypto mining. The flag's colours originate from a traditional black and green miners' flag, where black represents coal and green represents the ground. However, the original shade of green got replaced with the exact shade that the famous GPU-producer company NVIDIA's logo contains, as well as the text, that is from the same company's GeForce series of graphics cards. „Glück auf!” is a famous traditional German miners' greeting that describes the hope of the miners to end their shift with a reward and return home safely.

Photos by Lola Poustis.

exhibited at

  • 2021, Flag Rant (a project by Jules Cartier) / Desperanto, group exhibition, Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux (FR)